Sunday, December 1, 2013

rainy day outfit

This I wore on a rainy day last week. I was inspired by weekend outfit ideas of a collared shirt under a sweatshirt. And who can resist fun red rainboots? I added a knit hat to keep warm. I put on two heart pendants on one necklace.

Outfit details-skirt-ann taylor-boots-tretorn-collared shirt-strawberry-navy sweater-gap-hat-local-tights-local-earrings-payless-necklace and pendants-gifted.

Here are some items in a similar style:
navy jewelled collared sweater
navy vneck sweater
dark denim pencil skirt
wine collared shirt
red rain boots
tall red rain boots

Random thoughts: I love to read novels and nonfiction about people's relationships and marriages. People are so interesting! So recently I read a book called "Becoming Sister Wives" by the Brown family, who are polygamists, living in Las Vegas. (They have a reality show, but I haven't seen it.) Although I can't say that I agree with polygamy, it was inspiring and thought-provoking to read how each member of the marriage really has to work hard to keep the marriage going. I find that so many people treat marriage as disposable and they don't realize that its not a fairytale- it takes a lot of work. But its quite easy to just let it coast, let important emotional issues slide, instead of dealing with them....until everything blows up. So what was really interesting about this polygamist marriage was that they all are forced to work on it daily and really put effort and commitment into it, and work on themselves to to be giving and loving to each other.

Any relationships you find interesting or inspiring?

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  1. Your knit hat, the red boots and your beautiful smile must have taken the rainy day by storm. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

  2. aw thank you :)
    The linkup is fun!


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