Friday, November 29, 2013

happy friday!

Yesterday was so nice. We got so much accomplished around the house. It was lovely to be around my family the whole day. I wish I was "black fridaying" right now, but I choose to be thankful for my current large-enough closet :)

A few days ago, I went shopping in my mom's closet-as in, she gave me some of her stuff that I loved!  We have a little bit of a different style as mine is more playful and colorful-but that's normal, given our ages. Before I started this style journey, I was much more picky in what clothes I thought were my style. But now I am so much more willing to branch out and try new combinations. Of course there are certain items that are decidedly not my style, but I am seeing that many can be incorporated to feel like "me".

So this skirt is my mom's. I love that it is high waisted and a midi length. I paired with a cropped sweater in a contrasting color. I wore a lace headscarf (with a layering scarf underneath) and put a sparkly headband around the bun to dress it up.

Outfit details-sweater-gap-white tee-gap-skirt-moda international-tights-local-shoes-bamboo-headscarves-israel-headband-local-earrings-michal negrin.

Here are some similar items:
navy midi skirt
striped sleeveless sweater

How was your holiday?

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