Wednesday, December 4, 2013

sweater + tartan

I did not shop on Black Friday-- that was very hard. But I am trying to save money ...and not spend it. (Btw its kind of funny when I get all excited that I am "saving money" by buying something on sale- I'm not actually saving, I am spending!- unless it was something I was already going to buy).
However, in my wanderings and window shopping in the past few days, I have seen some lovely pieces that I would have loved to add to my closet. Solution: create an outfit idea! That usually satisfies my craving to make something pretty, even though I would love to wear it myself.

So here is an adorable sweater from anthropologie and a lovely on-trend skirt from zara, which inspired this outfit:

anthropologie sweater

Monday, December 2, 2013

white sheath winter!

This is another piece I got from my mom and I absolutely could not wait until spring to wear it--way too long! I love the simple shape and how it fits me. I styled it for a family party. I love the bright colors, with a bit of sparkle in the shoes.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

rainy day outfit

This I wore on a rainy day last week. I was inspired by weekend outfit ideas of a collared shirt under a sweatshirt. And who can resist fun red rainboots? I added a knit hat to keep warm. I put on two heart pendants on one necklace.

Friday, November 29, 2013

happy friday!

Yesterday was so nice. We got so much accomplished around the house. It was lovely to be around my family the whole day. I wish I was "black fridaying" right now, but I choose to be thankful for my current large-enough closet :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

makeup ART

I am feeling a little flat and uncreative these days and I am in search of inspiration. That's why I am desperate to go to museums, which hopefully I will be able to do next week. Also, I have been rushing and doing so many things, and I haven't taken the time to just sit and think and write creatively to keep the ideas flowing. I really need to make time for that more often.

silver and gold

The other item I bought from NY&C was this lovely polka dot sweater. I can't wait to wear it in a whole bunch of combinations. Here, I paired it with a neutral and casual skirt, with pops of bright pink. You can see how I wore the same skirt here. I really like the skirt because its not a typical denim and its stretchy and comfy, but I get a little lost on what to wear it with. I guess I went pretty safe both of these times with a grey top. Do you have any ideas?

Monday, November 25, 2013

blue and black

I have been obsessed with cobalt blue for a while now. I have quite a few pieces in that color in my closet, and I am always looking for more. This is a dress that I have been recently using as a top (like here). Its comfortable and loose and so pretty. Up until recently my style has always been more fitted because I am worried about looking like I am swimming in my clothes since I'm short. But lately, I have been getting into some loose and flattering styles. I bought this dress about two years ago, right before I got married and I have worn it so many times since--even when I was pregnant. I just pushed the empire waistline up and tied a bow sash over my belly! I love converting regular clothes into maternity :)

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